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2003, 5


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

REZTSOV V.F., GET'MAN A.V. Special features of measures construction of tesseral harmonics

of a magnetic field______________________________________________________________________3

VOLOKHOV S.A. Screening properties of conducting cylinders of a finite lenght____________________ 8

YAREMCHUK A.A.,TROFIMENKO S.A. Screening of magnetic fields by biological systems_________12

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTNIK S.G. Analysis of network current of a three-phase valve source of reactive

power (SRP) in an inductive mode______________________________________________________16

ZHUIKOV V.Ya., ULCHENKO D.O. Wavelet analysis of converting engineering signals______________ 20

SKURJATIN Yu.V., SAMCHELEEV Yu. P., SHEVCHENKO I.S. Principle of a valve current source

construction with a relay control_______________________________________________________ 25

GALINOVSKY A.M., LENSKAYA E.A. Method of rotary-valve converters computation with natural

commutation in transient conditions____________________________________________________ 29

Electromechanical energy conversion

AFONIN A.A., TSEZHNEVSKY P., PAPLITSKY P. SimAOafieapf magnetic fields of linear electric

motors with a mobile magnetic block m a tbjee-dimensioto_________________________________ 34

GREBENIKOV V.V. New technologies of diskmotors with constant magnets____________________39

Electric power systems and installations

STOGNIY B.S., GRIMUD G.I., SOPEL M.F., PAVLOVSKY V.V. Some tendencies of ACS development

of technological processes at substations of power systems________________________________ 44

LYSJAK G.M., PASTUKH O.R. Estimation of the required installed capacity of operating transformers

of the first stage of transformation of a circuit of increased power supply reliability of auxiliary power

of power units of electric power stations___________________________________________________ 50

BARANOV M.I., BOCHAROV V.A., ZYABKO Yu.P., Mel'nikov P.N. Complex of electrophysical

equipment for micro- and millisecond generation of voltage pulses of up to 1,2 mV amplitude and

current pulses of up to 200 kA amplitude___________________________________________________ 55

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Influence of final dimensions of a cross-sectional height

of a current circuit on power characteristics of an inductor at a moving strip heating__________________ 60

GLUKHEN'KY A.I., GORISLAVETS Yu.M. Pressure pulsations in an electromagnetic weigher channe_____64 Information measuring systems in power engineering

KARASINSKYO.L., TESIKYu.F. Microprocessor transducer of electric circuits parameter_______________ 69

Scientific information

News from the Highest Certifying Commission of Ukraine________________________________________ 76