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2003, 3


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

STADNIK I.P., ZHIL'TSOV A.V. Modification of a method of integral equations of magnetostatic

fields computation in non-linear media ____________________________________________________ 3

BONDAR O.I., KOSTIN M.O. Oscillation processes in a non-linear electrochemical circle at

impulse excitation ____________________________________________________________________ 6

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTNIK S.C. Periodicity of voltage (current) curves in a three-phase RLC-circuit

with a capacity (inductivity) circuit switch __________________________________________________ 11

OBRUBOV A.V., PAVLOV G.V. Aligned control in a bridge series-resonance converter_________________ 14

DENISOV Yu.A., IVANETS S.A. A fuzzy-regulator for vertical systems of pulse-phase control

of valve converters________________________________________________________________________19

LIPKIVSKY K.O., KYRYK V.V., KOLESNIK O.S. Imitation simulation of a voltage regulator of alternating

current of the basis of a transformer-switch executive structure with an indistinct logic controller_________ 25

Electromechanical energy conversion

LESNIK V.A., MAZURENKO L.I., DZHURA A.V. A balanced mode of operation of a single-phase

asynchronous generator with a three-phase stator winding___________________________________ 29

NIZIMOV V.B., NIZIMOV R.V., STOROZHKO V.S. Comparative estimation of simplifield start

systems influence of synchronous motors on starting characteristics_____________________________ 34

Electric power systems and installations

SAMOTY V.V., PAVELCHAK A.G. Computation of a parametric sensitivity of a single-phase

transformer with a capacitive load by a non-explicit method___________________________________ 38

BARANOV M.I., BOCHAROV V.A., ZJABKO Yu.P., MEUNIKOV P.N. High-voltage strong current s

park switches for high-voltage impulse and current generators___________________________________ 41

ZHARKIN A.F. Currents and voltages nonsinusoidality analysis tow-voltage circuits by means

of substitution circuits with current sources of high harmonics___________________________________ 47

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

RASCHEPKIN A.P., KONDRATENKO I.P., BONDARENKO V.I. Power characteristics of a linear

induction motor with a bar winding_________________________________________________________ 51

Information measuring systems in power engineering

BURBELO M.I. A quasi-balanced bridge for measurement of two-terminal network parameters with

magnetically connected elements in conditions of nonsinusoidality_______________________________57

MELESCHUK D.V, SURDU M.N., SHVETS T.V. Double-circuit transformer bridge of alternating

current with voltages comparison__________________________________________________________ 59

BORSCHEV P.I. Correction of altitude and phase errors of frequency-selective circuits_________________62

GRINEVICH F.B., SURDU M.N., VERTIPOLOKH A.Ya., LEWTSKY A.S. Method of accuracy increase of capacitive meters of angle displacements based on additional measurements application of

informative transducers parameters_________________________________________________________66

Economic and ecological power engineering aspects

DUBOVSKY S.V., KOBRIN P.P. Analysis of change tendencies of power supply modes in the Ukraine______ 73

News from the Highest Certifying Commission of Ukraine______________________________________ 78