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2003, 3


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

STADNIK I.P., ZHILTSOV A.V. Efficiency increase of integral equations method of magnetostatic

fields computation in partial homogeneous media____________________________________________ 3

Conversion of electric energy parameters

DENISOV Yu.A., IVANETS S.A. Processes of final duration in power supply systems with

a pulse-width modulation________________________________________________________________ 9

SMIRNOV V.S., TRUBITSYN K.V. A problem of algorythms synthesis of semiconductor

converters control with multiple modulation_________________________________________________ 13

LYPKIVSKY K.O., KYRYK V.V. Special features of a basic physical variable interpretation by accessory

functions for discrete voltage converters on the basis of transformer-switch executive structures_______ 19

BOIKO V.S., SHULJAK S.A., YURCHENKO N.N. Mode, control, external and power characteristics

of a three-phase semiconductor compensating rectifier with a thyristor-capacitive commutating link______ 22

PERESADA S.M., SHAPOVAL I.A., KOROL S.V. Experimental testing of control algorithms

of a double supply mashine_______________________________________________________________ 29


Electromechanical energy conversion

VOITEKH A.A., POPOVICH A.N., BIBIK E.V. Consideration of a power factor at electromechanical

systems optimization for transient and quasi-steady states of operation___________________________ 36

AFONIN A.A., SHYMCHAK P. Disk inductor generators of increased frequency________________________ 43

SHAITOR N.M. Tensor representation of induced temperature magnetic anisotropy in isotropic

ferromagnets___________________________________________________________________________ 49

DOROKHOV A.V., FINKILSHTEIN V.B. Currents and moments of asynchronous generators of wind

turbine electro-generators in a transient mode at their connection to a network______________________ 52

RAUKHFUSS L., KLINGER K. Control of three-phase asynchronous machines velocity with a phase

shift change between flows_________________________________________________________________ 55

Electric power systems and installations

DURNJAK B.I. Shortings protection system of a general network of block power stations________________ 59

ZHARKIN A.F. Analysis of distortions value of curves sinusoidality of currents and voltages

in power networks of apartment houses and public buidings_____________________________________ 62

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

KUCHERJAVAJA I.N. Heat analysis of a process of electric spark machining of grains ___________________ 67

Information measuring systems in power engineering

GRINEVICH F.B., SURDU M.N., VERTIPOLOKH A.Ya., LEVITSKY A.S. Methods of a systematic

error compensation of capacitive meters of angle displacements based on a parabolic approximation

of a correction to a measured displacement value ______________________________________________ 72

BURBELO M.I. Synthesis of quasi-balanced circuits for parameters measurement of multielement

electric two-pole elements _______________________________________________________________ 76

In commemoration of Alexander Arsenjevich VOITEKH ____________________________________________ 80