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2004, 5


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

GAL'CHENKO V.Ya., VOROBJEV M.A. Structural synthesis of probe fields of eddy-current converters

with prescribed distribution in a control zone______________________________________________ 3

TCHERNYSHEV A.V. Forming of asymmetric particular hysteresis cycles at reversal of steel

samples magnetization by a weak alternating field__________________________________________ 7

BARANOV M.I. Approximate computation of electric erosion of metal electrodes of high-voltage

heavy current spark commutators______________________________________________________ 11

Conversion of electric energy parameters


of load characteristic correction of rectifier installations with power supply-line filters________________ 15

KIRIK V.V. Organization of structure of automatic voltage control systems on the basis of indistinct

logical controller______________________________________________________________________ 18

PAVLOVSKY V.O. Connection between parameters of current pulses which is used by a single-phase

non-controllable diode rectifier with resistive-capacitive load____________________________________ 22

Electromechanical energy conversion

ANTONOV A.E., VELICHKO O.N. Construction of an expectation system of an electric motor

with a three-level rotor_________________________________________________________________ 25

PLAKHTINA O.G., KUTSIK A.S., YOVBAK V.D. Electromagnetic and electromechanical processes

of an asynchronous motor with a voltage inverter in a rotor circle at vector control___________________30

CHABAN V., CHABAN O., GOGOL Z. Algorithm of steady processes analysis of a supply unit

of asynchronous motors_______________________________________________________________36

KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Electromagnetic parameters of a linear inductor with

a double-layer winding__________________________________________________________________39

Electric power systems and installations

ZHARKIN A.F. Asymmetry analysis of non-linear using equipment of low-voltage power networks_________45

VASYLIV K.M. Mathematical model of dynamic processes of an autonomous electric power system

on the basis of contactless asynchronized generator with a three-phase-three-phase cascade

modulated exciter_________________________________________________________________________50

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

PIVNJAK G.G., TKACHEV V.V., STADNIK N.I. Automation of homogeneous technological

installations with variable composition of functional problems___________________________________56

BOIKO N.I., BORTSOV A.V., SAFRONOV I.A., TUR A.N. Means of voltages and currents

measurement in installations for substances treatment by a complex of high-voltage pulse influences______ 63

Information measuring systems in power engineering

NAKONECHNY A.Y., SAMOTIY V.V. Simulation of bandwidth signal and its correlation treatment

on the basis of low-wave conversion__________________________________________________________ 70

LEVITSKY A.S., MEL'NIK V.G. Portable instrument for express control of humidity of solid, dry

and granulated materials_________________________________________________________________ 74