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2004, № 2


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

PRYIMAK M.V. Periodic Markov chains in problems of statistical analysis and prediction

of power loads_________________________________________________________________________ 3

PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERJAVAJA I.N. Numerical simulation of distribution of pulse electric

field and temperature in a biological cell volume_______________________________________________ 7

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., SOBOLEV V.N. Electromagnetic processes in multiphase electric circuits with series

RLC-circuits and bridge commutators___________________________________________________ 15

magnetic elements of executive structures of discrete stabilizers of alternating current voltage__________ 21

DQMNIN I.F. A control system of a filter compensating device__________________________________ 25

Electromechanical energy conversion

ANTONOV A.E., KIREEV V.G. A magnetic system construction of slotless magnetoelectric motor at

a given current density__________________________________________________________________ 29

LESNIK V.A., MAZURENKO L.I., SHURUB Yu.V., DZHURA A.V. Clearance power of an asynchronous

machine in a generator operation mode___________________________________________________ 32

SARATOV V.A. Substitution diagram, parameters and losses in a turbogenerator rotor at

asymmetric load______________________________________________________________________35

ANDRIENKO V.M., KLINGER K. Heating influence on asynchronous motors parameters______________ 39

Electric power systems and installations

LOZYNS'KY O.Yu., PARANCHUK Ya.S. Optimization of a compensation mode of reactive power of

installations with dynamic asymmetric load____________________________________________________42

AGAMALOV O.N. , KOSTEREV N.V., LUKASH N.P., RADAIDEH Omar. Application of an indistinct nonlinear autoregressive model with an external input for estimation of technical state of electrical

equipment____________________________________________________________________________ 49

ZORIN V.V., ZORIN V.V. About payment for reactive power transfers in conditions of market relations_____ 58

Information measuring systems in power engineering

GRINEVICH F.B., LEVITSKY A.S. About a problem of impurities concentration measurement

in liquid dielectrics_____________________________________________________________________ 63

MELESCHUK D.V., MIKHAL AA. Error of platinum resistance thermometers caused by a surface

effect in a sensor wire_____________________________________________________________________ 69

Scientific information

News from the High certificate committee of Ukraine_____________________________________________ 72

To the 70-th anniversary of Dan'ko V.G._____________________________________________________ 77

To the 100-th anniversary of professor KholmskyV.G.____________________________________________ 78