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2004, № 1


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Power characteristics of multipole linear inductors

considering final length of magnetic circuits___________________________________________________3

GLUKHEN'KY A.I., GORISLAVETS Yu.M., PETUKHOV I.S. Computation of electromagnetic

parameters of liquid metal metering pumps_________________________________________________ 10

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTNIC S.G. Network current analysis of a three-phase valve-capacitor source

of reactive power (SRP) in a capacitive mode________________________________________________ 18

OLESCHUK V., ERMURATSKI V., SIZOV A., YAROSHENKO E. Synchronous voltage control

in the overmodulation zone of standard drive inverters ________________________________________ 22

LYPKIVSKY K.O., KHALIKOV V.A, MGZHAROVSKY A.G. Computation of an installed capacity

of transforming elements of discrete voltage regulators of alternating current________________________ 30

VOLKOV A.V. High speed vector control of stator current in frequency-controllable asynchronous

electric drives with width-pulse modulation___________________________________________________ 35

KIRIK V.V. Regulator of an operating voltage value with indistinct control system______________________42

Electromechanical energy conversion

AFONIN A.A. Magnetic systems of electromechanical power converters with variation of magnetization

vectors of constant magnet______________________________________________________________47

SHAITOR N.M. Problems and prospects erf elaboration of electromechanical converters of new


Electric power systems and installations

KOROBCHUK K.V., TROKHIMENKO A.I., DENISEVICH K.B. Forming of prediction of possfcfc

operation modes of UPS of Ukraine_________________________________________________________ 60

LAZAREV V.I. Electrodynamic resistance of transformer windings with rigid washers under compression____ 64

ZORIN V.V. As to the problem of reactive electric energy payment________________________________68

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

CHERBA A.A., ZAKHARCHENKO S.N. Intensification of spark erosion micro- and nanoparticles

precipitation in dielectric liquids by a nonuniform electric field______________________________________ 73