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2005 р., 3


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERJAVAJA I.N. Computer simulation of electromagnetic and

thermal processes at induction heating of a steel reactor with loose material______________________ 3

PENTEGOV I.V., PRISTUPA A.L. About possibility of wireless power transmission

by means of tesla processes___________________________________________________________ 11

BOZHKO I.V., PETUKHOV I.S. Investigation of a discharge gap for a plasma reactor at a positive

streamer corona____________________________________________________________________ 17

Conversion of electric energy parameters

KOMAROV N.S. Transistor controllers with high-frequency pulse modulation in devices

of power capacitive electrotechnological equipment_________________________________________ 22

GRECHKO E.N. Pulse network converters which decrease—increase output voltage_______________ 30

SARATOVSKY R.N., GLEBIN A.G., USHAKOV V.I. Device of thyristor frequency converters

matching with an induction melting furnace________________________________________________ 34

VELYKY V.I., ANDRIJCHUK V.A. Frequency responses of an output cascade EPRA

for luminescent lamps. A starting mode___________________________________________________ 38


for a single-phase rectifier_____________________________________________________________ 42

Electromechanical energy conversion

DZHURA A.V., MAZURENKO L.I., LESNIK V.A., DYNNIK L.N. A mathematical model

and computations algorithm of a single-phase modes of an induction generator with

valve-capacitive excitation______________________________________________________________ 44

Electric power systems and installations

KYZNETSOV V.G., KURINNY E.G., LJUTY O.P. Electromagnetic compatibility.

Voltage asymmetry dose_______________________________________________________________ 49

KOSTIN M.O., MISCHENKO T.M., GILEVICH O.I. Probabilistic analysis of processes

in power circuits of an electric locomotive DEI________________________________________________ 54

BOIKOV.S., SOTNIK N.I., SOTNIK I.N. A power efficient pumping plant of the third lifting______________ 62

RAMAZANOVA Z.U. Estimation of data aggregation influence of wind velocity on computation

accuracy of electric energy generation of a wind electric installation_______________________________ 66

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

VOVCHENKO A.I., SHOMKO V.V., SHYSHOV A.M. Mathematical simulation and optimization of

electrohydraulic pulse technological processes________________________________________________ 68

Information measuring systems in power engineering

NEBOLJUBOV E.Yu. Construction of balancing elements of digital transformer bridges_________________ 74

To the 70-th anniversary of corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine V.G.KUZNETSOV________________ 79