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2006 р., 3


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

MOROZ Yu.I., ZIRKA S.E., MARKETOS R, MOZES A. Simulation of dynamic reversal

of magnetization of non-grain-oriented electrical-sheet steels___________________________________ 3

BOZHKO I.V., PETUKHOV I.S., FALKOVSKY N.I. Electrode system for discharge devices with

a positive streamer corona______________________________________________________________ 9

Conversion of electric energy parameters

OLESCHUK V., SIZOV A., YAROSHENKO E., STANKOVIC A. Synchronous control of dual

inverter-fed with cancellation of zero-sequence currents______________________________________ 13

KHALIKOV V.A., PAKHANJAN V.M., SHATAN O.F. Simulation and correction of volt-ampere
characteristics of current sources of a welding arc____________________________________________ 18

Electromechanical energy conversion

GORSKAYA I.Yu., FURSENKO A.V. Ferromagnetic core in a stator winding field______________________ 26

MAKARCHUK O.V. Special features of a valve motor operation with constant magnets without

a rotor state transducer________________________________________________________________ 30

Electric power systems and installations

LEZHNJUK P.D., KULIK V.V., NETREBSKY V.V. Principle of the least action in the problems

of electric power systems optimization______________________________________________________ 35

YAKOVLEVA I.V. Determination of deviation and voltage asymmetry indices with use of instrument

transformers_________________________________________________________________________ 42

STOGNIY B.S., MASLJANIK V.V., NAGORNY P.D. New materials of magnetic circuits for current

transformers_________________________________________________________________________ 46

LAZAREV I.V. Test of conductors strength of power transformer windings with electromagnetic

forces of short circuit at their bending______________________________________________________ 49

Information measuring systems in power engineering

NOVIK A.I. Application of an "overturned" function of a voltage divider for measuring converters

construction____________________________________________________________________________ 55

BORSCHEV P.I. Increase of resolving power of digital meters of sinusoidal signals amplitude_____________ 58

NETCHIPORUK V.V. Use of a method of scale factors for intelligence signals-stationarity in

information-measuring systems (IMS) of electrotechnical equipment diagnostics______________________ 62

MEDVEDENKO M.P., MELNIK V.G. Investigation of self-heating up of resistance thermometer

in high-sensitive thermomeasuring systems___________________________________________________ 66


News from the High Certificate Committee of Ukraine____________________________________________ 74

To the 60-th anniversary of doctor of science V.F.SHINKARENKO____________________________________ 77