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2006 р., 2


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

RENDZINYAK S. New algorithm of nonlinear subcircuits matching in multirate method________________ 3


The influence of repetition rate of discharge pulses on electrical resistance of current-conducting

granular layer during its electric-spark treatment____________________________________________ 10

DUBOVENKO K.V. of the main electrical and thermal characteristics of the "high-voltage power

source — dielectric barrier discharge" system Simulation of gas insulation break-down probability

of high-voltage devices of pulse electric power systems_______________________________________ 15

LITVINOV V.V., PODOLTSEV A.D. Investigation of the main electrical and thermal characteristics

of the “high-voltage power source − dielectric barrier discharge” system___________________________ 23

Conversion of electric energy parameters

ASSUIROV D.A., SHUBTSOV V.E. Static and stabilizing properties of wide-pulse converters (WPC)

with different methods of output pulses modulation__________________________________________ 28

LIPKOVSKY K.A. Executive body of a discrete voltage regulator of an alternating current with

decomposition of switch elements of a commutator__________________________________________ 35

LUPENKO A.M. Single-cascade electronic start controlling unit for sodium lamps of high pressure______ 42

Electromechanical energy conversion

CHABAN A. Mathematical model of a short-circuit asynchronous motor with a "double squirrel-cage"

structure in phase coordinates__________________________________________________________ 48

CHEPKUNOV A.l. Efficient control of an asynchronous electric drive_____________________________ 52

KUTSYK A.S. Entity orientated method of electromechanical systems analysis_____________________ 57

Electric power systems and installations

TERESHKEVICH L.B., TSYBULSKY M.I. Mathematical methods of voltages asymmetry control

in power supply systems______________________________________________________________ 64

Information measuring systems in power engineering

VOLODARSKY E.T., BURBELO M.I., RYKOV K.Yu. Measurement of dynamic entities

parameters with supply voltage frequency control_____________________________________________ 68

VARSKY G.M, TANKEVICH E.M., NOSENKO V.K. Methods and test circuits of transformer

converters of current of static electric energy meters__________________________________________ 71

To the 70-th anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine B.S.STOGNIY_________________________ 76

To the 70-th anniversary of corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine S.G.TARANOV_________________ 77