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2006 р. 1


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

SCHERBA A.A, PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERJAVAJA I.N. Study of erosion failure of materials

at electric spark machining of current conducting pelletized media______________________________ 3

GLUKHENKY A.I., GORISLAVETS Yu.M. Investigation of a system "inductor—massive turn-
electromagnet" by means of a computer for devices of liquid metal metering_____________________ 11

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTN1K S.G. Control perfomances of a three-phase valve-capacitor source

of reactive power (RPS) in a capacitive mode____________________________________________ 19

DENISOV Yu.A., IVANETS S.A. About expediency of indistinct regulators connection into

the systems of voltage stabilization______________________________________________________ 23

LIPKOVSKY K.A., MOZHAROVSKY A.G. Executive structures of voltage regulators with two

electromagnetic elements_____________________________________________________________ 31

LUPENKO A.M. High-frequency electronic start-adjusting unit for discharge lamps supply

with, low-frequency rectangular current pulces______________________________________________ 39

Electromechanical energy conversion

KUDIN V.F., TOROPOV A.V. Synthesis of a non-linear suboptimum controller of a servo drive with

a synchronous motor________________________________________________________________ 45

ANTONOV A.E., LESNIK V.A., VELICHKO O.N. Influence of an external leakage field of

a three-stage electric motor on its operation________________________________________________ 49

VAS'KOVSKY Yu.N., TSIVINSKY S.S., VETUSHKO S.A. Determination of inductive impedances

of synchronous machines on the basis of numerical computations of electromagnetic fields___________ 52

ANTONENKO A.I., GALYNOVS'KY O.M. Windings of control machines of electric machine

valve frequency converters_____________________________________________________________ 57

Electric power systems and installations

SEGEDA M.S., ZHOVNIR Yu.M. Balancing properties of a plant of a dynamic load mode stabilization_____ 62

KONOPLEV K.G. Phase voltage change at sapled-data control of a synchronous generator in

autonomous electric systems____________________________________________________________ 68


News from the High certification commission of Ukraine_________________________________________ 72

To the 70-th anniversary of corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine I.V.VOLKOV____________________ 77