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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

SHCHERBA A.A., SHCHERBA M.A. Modelling and analysis of electric field in dielectric medium disturbed by conductive microinclusions of different dimensions and configurations 3
TRETIAKOVA L.D., PODOLCEV A.D. The analysis of electric field near-by a man in protective clothing made of polymeric material in the presence of surface charge on it 10

Conversion of electric energy parameters

LIPKOVSKIY K.O. Construction duality of transformer-key operation structures of discrete stabilizers and regulators of alternating voltage 16
VOLKOV A.V., KOSENKO I.A. The improvement of predictive relay-vector control by active current rectifier in induction motor drive with self-commutated inverter 24

Electromechanical energy conversion

MAZURENKO L.I., ROMANENKO V.I. Induction generator with inverter excitation as the welding arc supply 35
ANTONOV A.E., KIREEV B.G. Two types of excitation systems of air-gap-wound magnetoelectric engines 40

Electric power system and installations

STOGNIY B.S., KYRYLENKO O.V., DENYSJUK S.P. Intelligent electric mains of electrical power systems and their technological support 44
BUTKEVYCH O.F., LEVKONJUK A.V., ZORIN E.V., BULANAYA V.S. About the usage of synchronized measurements of voltage angles from the objects of Interconnected Power System of Ukraine (IPS) by determination of an admissibility of its current modes due to the static stability margin 51
BONDARENKO V.E., CHERKASHINA V.V., CHEREMISIN N.M. Formation of the techno-economic models of overhead transmission lines in market relations and their analysis by means of criterial method 59

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

GUDYM V.I., POSTOLYUK A.Y., YURKIV B.M. Analysis of electromagnetic processes in six electrode electric-arc furnace of pulse current 65

Information-measuring systems in power engineering

MYSLOVYCH M.V., SYSAK R.M., ULITKO O.V. Simulation modeling of the processes of acoustic emission in solving the problem of electrical equipment diagnostics 71

Index of papers in 2010 77
Abstracts 83

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2010