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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

BARANOV M.I. Strong and weak streaming free electron scattering in metallic conductor with electric conduction current 3
ZHUIKOV V.Y., ROMASHKO V.Y., VERBYTSKY Y.V. Numerically-analytical method of free mode functions calculation 9
STADNIK I.P., FILIPPOV D.M. Integral equation method for calculation of eddy currents in the moving extensive ferromagnetic conductors illustrated on the linear asynchronous electric motor 14
BELINSKY V.V., BOZHKO I.V., CHARNY D.V. Pulse corona discharge on conducting liquid surface and its use for water treatment 21

Conversion of electric energy parameters

PERESADA S.M., BOVKUNOVYCH V.S., KOVBASA S.N. Matsuse adaptive observer new synthesis, guaranteeing the asymptotic nature of evaluation of flux linkage vector and rotor active resistance of asynchronous motor 28
MYCHALSKY V.M. Overmodulation mode in the process of controlling of autonomous voltage inverter with pulse-width modulation 33

Electromechanical energy conversion

ZOLOTARIOV V.M., SHCHERBA A.A., PODOLTSEV A.D. Modelling of dynamic processes in electromechanical system for the control of superhigh-voltage cable movement in slant extrusion-type line 44
VYHOVSKY O.V. Assessment of defects impact in a stator mandrel and winding of turbogenerator on maximum temperatures and showings of termocontrol regular system 52

Electric power systems and installations

KYRYLENKO O.V., PAVLOVSKY V.V., LUKIANENKO L.M., ZORIN Y.V. Analysis of voltage rating of power systems 59

Information-measuring systems in power engineering

BRAHYNETS I.A., ZAITSEV E.A. Noise resistance of phase laser vibration sensors 67

ROSOV V.Yu. To the 40th anniversary of the Science and Technology Center of Magnetism of Technical Objects of the NAS of Ukraine 74

To the 60th anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine O.V.KIRILENKO. 81
To the 75th anniversary of corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine V.G.KUZNETSOV 82

RULES of presentation of the papers 83
Abstracts 84

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2010