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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

ZAGYRNIAK M.V., BRANSPIZ Y.A. To the estimation of the uniform magnetic field force acting on linear ferromagnetic current-carrying conductor 3
BATYGIN Y.V., BONDARENKO A.Y. The forces having an impact on thin-walled nonmagnetic conductor in penetrating field of single-turn flat coil 9
HLUKHENKY A.I., MYKHAL A.A. Analysis of circular conductor impedance components within AC measurement 15
BESPROSVANNYKH A.V. High electric field and partial discharges in bundled cables 23

Conversion of electric energy parameters

LYPKIVSKY K.O., KHALIKOV V.A., MOZHAROVSKY A.H. Analysis of AC voltage parameters conversion in electrotechnical and electrotechnological systems 30
SHYDLOVSKY A.K., SUPRUNOVSKAJA N.I. Energy processes in electrical circuits of electric pulse installations with capacitive energy storage at limitation of duration of its discharge on electrospark load at nonzero conditions of the charge 42
MYKHALSKY V.M. SOBOLEV V.M. CHOPYK V.V. SHAPOVAL I.A. Self-commutated voltage inverters control with maintenance of maximum modulation coefficient by undistorted output voltage generation with the help of modified PWM 49

Electromechanical energy conversion

PERESADA S.M., KOVBASA S.N., BOVKUNOVYCH V.S. Robust torque-flux vector control of asynchronous motor 60

Electric power systems and installations

CHERNENKO P.O., MARTYNIUK O.V. Forecast updating of monthly electric energy consumption of power units 67

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

SHYDLOVSKAYA N.A., MARTYNOV V.V. Adjustment of the high-voltage power supply to an electron-beam unit 73

To the 80th anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine G.G.SCHASTLYVYI 80
RULES of presentation of the paper 81
Abstracts 83

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2010