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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

SHYDLOVSKA N.A., SAMOILENKO V.G., KRAVCHENKO O.P. Analysis of the nonlinear discharching circuits operating in near-resonance conditions 3
ROSOV V.Y., ASSUIROV D.A., DAVYDOV A.A. Methods of forming feedback signals in closed-loop control systems of the magnetic field of technical objects under the influence of external sources of the magnetic field 8
KUZNETSOV V.H., HASHIMOV A.M., KURBANOV E.D. Analysis of the structure of nanosecond streamer discharge by electrography method 17
BESPROSVANNYKH A.V. Physical interpretation of the curves of stress-strain voltage a basis the equivalent circuits of inhomogeneous dielectric 23

Electromechanical energy conversion

PETUKHOV I.S., REKSTINA L.V. Method of calculation of losses in external leakage fluxes in constructional parts of displacement electrical machines 28
BURBELO M.Y., KRAVETS O.M. Measurement algorithms of asynchronous motors electrical parameters 33

Electric power systems and installations

PENTEGOV I.V., RYMAR S.V., BEZRUCHKO V.M. Calculation and comparison of inductances of zero-sequence current flow circuits in autotransformer filters 38
IVANKOV V.F., BASOVA A.V., KHIMIUK I.V., KOKOSHYN S.S., IVANKOV V.O. Calculation of magnetic field, losses and heating in pressing plate and electrostatic screen on transformer and shunt reactor limb 46

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

VOVCHENKO A.I., DYVAK N.P., TERTYLOV R.V. Optimization of the electrohydropulsed technologies and choosing of appropriate modes of power sources 54
DRESHPAK N.S. Modes of inductive heating of cylindrical details connected by an interference fit 61

Information-measuring systems in power engineering

NOVYK A.I., LEVYTSKY A.S., NEBOLIUBOV E.Y. Air-gap control in high-powered hydrogenerators within operation processes 66
BRAHYNETS I.A., ZAITSEV E.A., KONONENKO A.H., MASIURENKO Y.A., NIZHENSKY A.D. Phase-frequency laser distometers with triangular law of frequency modulation 70

In memory friend, teacher, man of science 75
INDEX of papers in 2009 76
Abstracts 80

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2009