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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

SHYDLOVSKA N.A., SAMOILENKO V.G., KRAVCHENKO O.P. Analytical method of nonlinear discharge circuits research 3
ROZOV V.Yu., PELEVIN D.E., REUTSKY S.Yu. Parameters optimization of the systems of stationary distortions compensation of a geomagnetic field in apartments 11

Conversion of electric energy parameters

OLESCHUK V., PRUDEAK R., SIZOV A., GRIVA G. Hybrid vehicle drive with synchronously modulated dual inverters 17

Electromechanical energy conversion

PODOLTSEV A.D., KOZYRSKY V.V., PETRENKO A.V. Analysis of dynamic processes in a single-phase electromagnetic linear generator of a reciprocal motion 22

Electric power systems and installations

KOSTEREV N.V., DENISJUK P.L., LITVINOV V.V. Determination of priority of methods of static stability increase of a load center with asynchronous motors in the conditions of multicriterion choice 31
BONDARENKO V.E, TCHERKASHINA V.V., BARBASHOV I.V., TCHEREMISIN N.M., LINNIK E.M. Analysis of the state and prospects of increase of electric power transmission increase by air-lines of alternating current in Ukraine 37
DEMOV O.D., PALAMARCHUK O.P. Adjustment of input reactive power of users taking into account economic stability 44

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

VASETSKY YU.M., MAZURENKO I.L. Geometrical parameters of electromagnetic systems for high-frequency induction heating of metallic tapes 47
KARLOV A.N., KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. The method of electrodynamic forces computation in cylindrical crystallizers under the action of the combined traveling fields 56

Information-measuring systems in power engineering

MAZMANYAN R.O. Wavelength characteristics of the ordered samples of a random uncorrelated signal 63
BORSCHEV P.I., OBODOVSKY V.D. Correction of procedure errors of parameters measurements of power equipment at commercial frequency 69
NOVIK A.I., LEVITSKY A.S., KESOVA L.A., TCHEREZOV N.N., LUKASHUK G.G. A capacitive dust counter for coal boilers of thermoelectric power stations 75

Abstracts 79

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2009