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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15407/techned2017.05.062


Journal Tekhnichna elektrodynamika
Publisher Institute of Electrodynamics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
ISSN 1607-7970 (print), 2218-1903 (online)
Issue No 5, 2017 (September/October)
Pages 62 – 66


O.N. Sinchuk1, I.A. Kozakevich1, N.N. Yurchenko2
1 – State institution of higher education “Kryvyi Rih National University”,
Vitalii Matusevych str., 11, Kryvyi Rih, 50027, Ukraine,
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2 – Institute of Electrodynamics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
pr. Peremohy, 56, Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine,



In the paper a sensorless control system of switched reluctance motors, which can be used in the structure of traction electromechanical systems, is proposed. This modify of sensorless control allows to simplify the structure of the electromechanical system, estimating the magnitude of the rotor angular position using measured electrical parameters eliminating the need of use a position sensor on the motor shaft. The position estimating is performed using the identification of the change of winding inductances of the traction electric machine when the test voltage pulses are applied. The efficiency of the proposed solutions is proved by mathematical modeling. References 10, figures 4.


Key words: switched reluctance motor, sensorless control, current control, torque.


Received:     06.12.2016
Accepted:     25.05.2017
Published:   17.08.2017



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