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1990, No 5


Electrodynamics of Electric Power Devices

Pukhov G.E. Possible Generalization of the Classical Method for Calculation

of Transition Processes in the Electric Chains______________________________________________ 3

Batygin Yu.,V., Gorkin L.D., Legeza A.V., Reshetnikov V.V., Khlmenko L.T. Experimental Studies

in Potentialities of Magnetic-Pulse Method For Deformation of Thin Metal Plates___________________ 15

Burdak A.P., Reztsov V.F., Khadzhinov A.L. Peculiarities of Space-Time Distribution of Electric

Field in One- and Two-Layer Nonideal Dielectrics___________________________________________ 20

Gorislavets Yu.M., Erkenov N.Kh. Calculation of Electromagnetic Pressure in the Channel

of MHD-Granulator with External Magnetic Field_____________________________________________25

Bedyukh A.R., Kotenev F.A., Ladikova-Roeva I.F., Levchenko V.I., Parubocha T.V. Heating

of a System of Moving Cylindrical Semiconductors in a Plane Inductor of Special Construction________30

Bolyukh V.F., Danko V.G. Work of Cryoresistive Excitation Winding Under

Short-Time Conditions_________________________________________________________________ 36

Bobrov Yu.K., Matveev A.A., Fedotov I.P. Hydrodynamic Parameters of Pulse Arc

Discharge in Water____________________________________________________________________ 41

Boldov B.A., Kamaletdinov A.Z. Study of Electromagnetic Velocity Transducer of Cylindrical

Shape with Half-Spherical Fairing_________________________________________________________48

Transformation of Electric Power Parameters

Pivnyak G.G., Berkovich E.I., Luskind Yu.I., Magidson N.V., Orel A.A. Method to Form Equation

for the Gate Circuit When Changing Its Structure_____________________________________________53

Zhemerov G.G., Kolyandr I.I., Petrik E.B. Compensated Immediate Frequency Converter____________ 58

Pavlovsky V.A. Network Noise Suppressing Filter as a Source of Network Noises___________________65

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Lishchenko A.I. Problems of Autononous Power Engineering and Possible Ways of Their Solution _____ 70

Volkov A.V., Rogaleva T.I. Study of Starting Regime of Asynchronous Motor under Power Supply

from the Autonomous Current Invertor______________________________________________________ 77

Shnaider A.G., Figman M.M. Transversal Stabilization of the Secondary Element of Linear

Motor-Bearing _________________________________________________________________________ 83

Electric Power Systems and Plants

Mayer V.Ya., Kladko S.P., Zeniya. Methods and Algorithm to Calculate Harmonic Components

of Asymmetric Parameters of Electric Energy When Determining Indices of Its Quality _______________ 88

Electrical and Magnetic Measurements

Grinevich F.B., Monastyrsky Z.Ya., Savolyuk A.M. Correction of Errors from Vertical Gradient

of Dielectric Constant of Medium in'the Capacity Self-Compensated Level Ganges___________________ 93

Rudenko N.A. Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of the Analyser for Symmetric
Components Harmonics _________________________________________________________________ 99

Brief Notes

Pobyvanets I. P., Yurchenko E. A., Fartushok I. M. Energetic Sense of the Second Order Linear

Differential Equations with Constant Coefficient ______________________________________________ 107

Scientific and Technical Information

Shevchenko E.V. Antomatic Control and Regulation Device for Nontraditional Sources of

Electric Energy «AVTOSHCHIT» __________________________________________________________ 111

Suchik V.E. Complex of Programs of Multicriterial Choice of Design «VYBOR−A»______________________ 111

Renin A.A. High Voltage Sources with Low Power (IVM)________________________________________ 110

Zhuikov V.Ya. Current Source of Power Supply for Laser with Sypphire Pumping Lamp________________ 92