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1990, № 4


Electrodynamics of Power Engineering Devices

Batygin Yu.V., Khimenko L.T., Shchetinskaya I.I. Magnetic Field in the System

of Two Solenoids Separated by Thin-Walled Conductors______________________________________ 3

Kolesnichenko A.F., Yushchenko B.A., Podoltsev A.D., Chemeris V.T. Mathematical Modelling

of the Processes of Magnetic-Pulse Squeezing of Crystallized Metal in the Continuous

Casting Machines_____________________________________________________________________ 8

Sokolovsky S.A., Romanenko Yu.V. Mathematical Model of Thermally Stressed Electroinsulation

Under Dynamical Conditions____________________________________________________________15

Lavrov V.Ya., Kirpanev A.V., Pukhanov A.P. Theoretical Principles of Identification

of Electromagnetic Fields of Complex Sources_____________________________________________ 19

Chuchalin A.I., Matveev A.M. Electric Motor Pulse Oscillator with Pairwise-Sequential

Commutations of Windings_____________________________________________________________ 25

Transformation of Electric Energy Parameters

Kuleshov V.I., Shmyreva M.M. Method of Symmetrical Components for Studying Distorting

Effect of Thyristor Converters___________________________________________________________ 30

Kostin S.N., Balyasny V.S., Kordyukov E.I. Mathematical and Structural Model of Automated

System of Control of Multifunctional Optimizing Devices______________________________________ 34

Anisimov Ya.F., Shamrai I.A. Dynamic Model of Thyristor Converter as a Continuous Device

under Random Input __________________________________________________________________ 40

Andrienko P.D., Sukharev V., Khantsevich V.I. Procedure Choice of Commutating

Condensers in Frequency Converters with Latitude Sampled-Data Control _______________________ 44
Solomakha O.N. Method of Processes Optimization in the Pulse Voltage Regulators _______________ 48

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Khutoretsky G.M., Fedorenko G.M., Vartanyan A.G., Krushinsky A.G. Heating of a

Stator Winding Rod of a Powerful Turbo-Generator with Direct Cooling___________________________ 55

Antonov A.E., Lavrinenko V.A. Construction of Optimal Two-Coordinate Moment Engine with

TwonPole Spherical Rotor_______________________________________________________________62

Firsanov E.P. Determination of Parameters of Turbo-Generator Stator Winding Binding______________ 67

Ghaban V.I, Kharchenko E.V. Mathematical Model of Torsional Vibrations of a Turbine-Driven Sets_____ 71

Power Engineering Systems and Plants

Zorin V.V., Haddad Bassam, Belov A.S., Zhuravlev A.A. Complex Reconstruction of the Distribution

Electric Networks______________________________________________________________________ 76

Taranov S.G., Rudenko N.A. Study of Metrological Characteristics of the Analyzer of Harmonics

of Symmetrical Components under Statical Conditions ________________________________________ 81

Enikeev A.F„ Shcherbak L.N. Analysis of the Error of Power Control Device for Transport Direct

Current Diesel-Generator________________________________________________________________ 88

Nikolaichenko V.G., Mikhalishin B.E. Study of High-Voltage Electrogyration Meters with

Extended Limits of Measurements_________________________________________________________ 92


Shidlovsky A.K., Muzychenko A.D., Trokhimenko A.P. Experimental Check of the Reactive

Power Theories________________________________________________________________________ 98

Brief Notes

Gorelik E.I., Mikhailov V.M., Movmyga I.N. Maximum Current Density on the Rounded-off Edges

of Solenoid Opening____________________________________________________________________ 109

Criticism and Bibliography

Shumilov Yu.A., Vakulenko K.N., Reutsky N.A., Anpilogov N.G. Review of the Book: K.G. Rego.

Metrological Processing of the Results of Technical Measurements. − Kiev: Tekhnika, 1987.−128 p_____ 112

Scientific and Technical Information

Andrievsky E.A., Lesnik L.N., Sheverdin G.P. Digital Automatic System for Stabilization and

Calibration of High-Energy Constant Magnets_________________________________________________ 29

Shevchenko E.V. Miniature Electromagnetic Active Contour-Antenna "Mini-EMA"____________________ 108