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1991, № 6


Electrodinamics of electric power devices

Puhov G.E. Simulation of transient processes in electromechanical systems

by generalized classical method________________________________________________________3

Ganefel'd R.V., Petrenko S.D., Red'kin V.B. Influence of temperature plasma

non-homogeneity on electrical characteristics of MGD-generator_____________________________ 14

Lavrov V.Ya., Pukhanov A.P. Statistical evaluation of identification results

of quasi-stationar electromagnetic fields_________________________________________________ 19

Titko A.I., Shalomygin M.V. Calculation methods of electromagnetic reemission of holts and

non- homogeneities in shells at high-frequency screening___________________________________ 23

Onanko A.F. Interaction of pulse electromagnetic fields with multiconducting

power transmission line______________________________________________________________ 26

Podol'tsev A.D., Kutcheryavaya I.N. Numerical calculation of nonstationary magnetothermal

fields in charge carrier plate with a crack_________________________________________________ 30

Electric power parameters conversion

Sergeev B.S. Damping circuits analysis of power transistor switch____________________________ 36

Sobolev L.B. Processer optimization in controllable switch converters__________________________43

Electromechanical power conversion

Kokhan P.G., Lazarev V.I., Zaitsev V.A., Ruschak V.E., Dubinin Yu.A., Semuseva V.P., Soroka M.V.

Influence of short-circuit current attenuation on radial stability of free models of

transformer windings in conditions of test devic____________________________________________51

Degtyarenko O.A., Vershinin P.P. Dynamic loads restriction of controllable synchronous

electric drive of ore mill_______________________________________________________________ 56

Bychkovska-Lipin'ska L. Mechanical coefficients determination of insulators

of transformer windings_______________________________________________________________ 62

Marchenko A.V., Fink A.F., Shmatjuk N.P. Stability evaluation of non-controllable

asynchronous regime of asynchronized turbo-generator_____________________________________ 64

Electric power systems and installations

Perkhach V.S., Gudim V.I. Modelling peculiarities of control system of static thyristor compensator

regimes of electric supply system of arch steel furnaces_____________________________________ 69

Borodulin M.Yu. Aperiodic stability analysis of power system containing powerful

magnetohydrodynamic power block______________________________________________________ 73

Ekel' P.Ya., Popov V.A., Tkachenko V.V. Indistinct conclusion in control problems

of functioning and development of electric supply systems____________________________________ 77

Electric and magnetic measurements

Maidan A.E., Novik A.I. Signal phase increments analyser on the basis of resonant circuit

with AFC system_____________________________________________________________________ 84

Volkova E.D., Rononenko A.G., Masjurenko Yu.A., Nizhensky A.D., Ornatsky I.A., Sidortchuk V.E.

Dynamic properties of doublethreshold device of temporary pulses position_______________________ 88

Vertipolokh A.Ya. Experimental investigation of accuracy characteristics of three-electrode

capacitive converter of angular displacements_______________________________________________94

Rybatchuk V.G. Errors correction of phase eddy current meters of specific conductance____________101

Scientific and technical information

Koba A.P. Charge block of high-voltage capacitive power storage________________________________50

Kaban V.P. Supply sources of magnetron systems of ion sputtering______________________________ 35

Garaschenko N.P. New power intellectual modules give maximum functions minimum problems______107

Komarov N.S., Slepyshev V.I., Mironov Yu.D. Line-operated source of secondary power supply

which is mechanically compatible with computer facilities equipment_____________________________ 83

Lipkovsky K.A., Sidorenko Yu.V., Khalikov V.A., Mozherovsky A.G. Alternative requlator of

alternating voltage «VARS»______________________________________________________________112

Index of papers for 1991