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1991, № 4


Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Ostreiko V.N. Electromagnetic characteristics of electrically heterogeneous half-space

as a sinusoidal current conductor______________________________________________________ 3

Voloshko A.V. Interpolation and increase of harmonic and spectral analysis accuracy_____________ 8

Lazarev V.I. Radial stability of transformer windings with spliced conductors____________________13

Burov A.V. Electrodynamic forces in coaxial cylindrical resonator_____________________________19

Electric energy parameters conversion

Shidlovsky A.K., Kozlov Yu.V. Choice of input circuit parameters of universal static converter

accounting using current distortions____________________________________________________ 22

Fediy V.S., Cherednichenko S.L. Power forcing of single-phase capasitor banks_________________29

Kravchenko V.V. Conditions of forced oscillations appearance on the main sub-harmonic

of commutation frequency in reducive pulse stabilizer with PWM-II and inverse connections

on voltage and current_______________________________________________________________ 36

Dzhasim M.M. Calculation of voltage inverters currents in a closed circuit which

operate for asynchronous motor drive___________________________________________________ 42

Dmitrieva E.N., Arhipova S.N. Valuation of relay operation at random processes_________________ 46

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A., Grebenikov V.V., Podol'tsev A.D., Gurov S.D. Optimization of dynamic

characteristics of linear step motors on parameters of control voltage pulse_____________________ 51

Arhangel'sky N.L., Kurnishev B.S., Pikunov V.V., Vinogradov A.B. Highdynamic

asynchronous electric drive____________________________________________________________ 57

Fedorenko G.M., But A.A., Kuz'min V.V., Podgorniy B.M., Gliger E.M., Livshits A.L. Methods and

measuring means for determination of extrusion efforts in stator core of power turbogenerator_______ 64

Misac T.B. Current regulation in a system of direct frequency conversion-asynchronous engine______ 69

Degtyarenko O.A., Musienko A.A. Synthesis of a special optimum control by direct current drive_____ 74

Kuevda V.P., Baljuta S.N. Calculation of electromagnetic loads of cryoturbogenerator

at low-frequency rotor swinging by equivalent circuits________________________________________ 79

Konoplev K.G. Synchronous engines stability with automatic excitat'ion controllers on stator

current and its derivatives______________________________________________________________ 85

Electric power systems and installations

Dzhuvarly Ch.M., Dmitrlev E.V., Shidlovsky A.K., Kuznetsov V.G., Antipov K.M., Maximov V.M.

Ferroresonance protection of voltages in power networks_____________________________________ 92

Mayer V.Ia., Klad'ko S.R., Zenia. Calculation of electric energy quality indices which identically

show variation of energetic process of three-phase systems with computer application______________99

Electric and magnetic measurements

Stogniy B.S., Vainshtein Yu.A., Dentin A.E. Control of a welding process on current

measurements in a primary transformer circuit_____________________________________________104

Novik A.I., Pustovalov N.D. Reduction of quantization error of digital extreme bridges with

non-reversal subdivisional balancing algorithms_____________________________________________108