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1991, 1


Electrodynamics of Power Engineering Processes

Batygin Yu.V., Sapelkin S.A., Khimenko L.T. Electrodynamic and Heat Processes

in Thin Bimetal Solenoid Windings______________________________________________________ 3

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Krutilin V.A., Rashchepkin A.P. Electromagnetic Processes

in Linear Induction Machines When Allowing for the Changes of Electric Conductivity of the

Secondary Body in Length_____________________________________________________________ 8

Gorodzha L.V., Strilko S.I. Resistance of Semiconductor Ring in the Magnetic Field_______________ 13

Kolchanov A.Ya. Optimization Calculations of Pot Electromagnets of Constant Current____________ 17

Bedyukh A.R., Kotenev F.A., Ladikova-Roeva I.F., Parubocha T.V. Radiation of Inductor with

Heated Cylindrical Conductor__________________________________________________________ 22

Transformation of Electric Energy Parameters

Mulmenko M.M. Construction of Block Diagram of Electrodynamic Model of the

Induction Plant with Frequency-Controlled Converter________________________________________ 25

Kurilo I.A., Klimenko A.V. Comparative Estimate of Some Methods of Bipolar PWM

in the Tyristor Inverters________________________________________________________________ 30

Nikitin Yu.P. Parametric of Pulse Repetition Rate Divider_____________________________________ 34

Kovalenko I.T., Kolyandr I.L., Rozhdestvensky S.V. An Analysis of Commutation Process in the

Compensated Rectifiers When Using Cut-off Thyristors______________________________________ 37

Boldov B.A., Chzhao Vei. Stationary Operation of a Parametric Generator of Voltage in

Orthogonal Magnetic Fields_____________________________________________________________ 43

Borodulin M.Yu. An Analysis of Statical Stability of Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier

with Current Regulator_________________________________________________________________ 48

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Apollonsky S.M., Kireev Yu.N. An Increase of Reliability of Electric Generator by Diagnosis of

Their External Magnetic Fields___________________________________________________________ 51

Davidyan Zh.D., Plakhtyna E.G., Polynga L.N. Study of Algorithms and Statical Characteristics

of Pulsed Start of Synchronous Generators on a Mathematical Model by Means of Software

Computation Complex_________________________________________________________________ 56

Rubisov G.V., Danilchenko Yu.P. Effect of Multicircuit Structure of Turbogenerator Rotor

on the Electromechanical Transient Processes Connected with Short Circuits in the Power System___ 64

Kuevda V.P., Balyuta S.N. Calculation of Currents in Cryoturbogenerator at Asymmetrical

Transient Processes Using Rotating and Immobile Coordinate Systems_________________________ 67

Antonyuk S.M., Fink A.F. Study of the Model of Asynchronized Turbogenerator with Two-Phase

Bilayer Concentric Windeng on the Rotor__________________________________________________ 70

Korogodsky A.A., Malinin L.I. An Analysis of Zero-Overshoot Response of the Relay Circuit of

Controlled-Velocity Electric Drive Current__________________________________________________ 74

Lazarev V.I., Rushchak V.E., Soroka M.V. Radial Stability of Transformer Windings

at Short Circuits______________________________________________________________________ 78

Electric Power Systems and Plants

Dzhuvarly Ch.M., Dmitriev E.V., Gashimov A.M., Sadykhov B.M. Calculation Formulas

for the Equations of Electric Power Lines with Regard for the Skin Effect and Corona_______________ 85

Kremens Z.B. New Approach to the Analysis of Observability and Check of Telemetering

when Estimating the State of Electric Power System_________________________________________ 92

Polishchuk S.V., Priymak N.V. Study of Correlational. Relation between Power Systems Loads

and Stochastically Periodical Meteofactors_________________________________________________ 98

Electric and Magnetic Measurements

Popov A.P., Vinokurov M.P. Detection of Moving Ferromagnetic Bodies over the

Plane Screen by the Induction Method____________________________________________________ 105

Scientific and Technical Information

Lysikov Yu.N. Multifunctional System for the Control of Operation Conditions

of Synchronous Machines with Low and Average Power______________________________________ 111