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1992, 4


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Zinchenko T.R., Raschepkin A.P. Heating of ferromagnetic media by travelling magnetic field ________ 3

Zalozniy V.I., Kolesnichenko A.F., Erkenov N.H., Yuschenko B.A. Numerical simulation of

velocity field in a liquid phase of metal ingot influencing by electromagnetic forces _________________10

Electric energy parameters conversion

Fediy V.S., Cherednitchenko S.L Influence of control pulses phase on initial conditions at

start of single-phase rectifier-capacitor source of reactive power _______________________________18

Sakkos T., Sakkos H. Electromagnetic compatibility of twelve-pulse converter of alternating

voltage in frequency tripling conditions____________________________________________________ 25

Bartosh S. Method of losses decrease in switching points of semiconductor converters_____________32

Zhurakhovsky A.V., Shelepeten T. M., Shkrum V.A. Complex use of equipment of static

thyristor compensator __________________________________________________________________________ 35

Sidorov V.S., Ambroz V.M., Capanovich V.G., Kondor I.V. Investigation of transient

processes in static controllable rectifier source of reactive power_______________________________ 39

Electromechanical energy conversion

Finkelshtein V.B., Egorov A.B. Designing of single-phase capacitor-free electric drive with

posistor application____________________________________________________________________ 44

Afonin A.A., Beliy P.N., Fursenko S.L. Magnetic field in systems with high-coerdtive constant magnets__48

Titko A.I., Shalomygin M.V. Investigation method of holes reemission of shielding shell______________ 53

Bychkovska-Lipin'ska L. Amplitude-frequency characteristics of converter transformer______________ 57

Bolyukh V.F. Dynamic excitation of cryoresistive windings of electromechanical impact devices

from a capacitive power storage__________________________________________________________ 61

Electric power systems and installations

Kurenniy E.G., Kolomytsev A.D., Nairn Gol'. Statistical dynamics of compensation systems of

fault-to-earth current___________________________________________________________________ 69

Moskalenko G.A., Zoschenko A.V. Influence of currents asymmetry on measurement accuracy

of total powers value in a single phase_____________________________________________________ 75

Perkhach V.S., Segeda M.S., Skripnik O.I. Ground in power networks with static thyristor

compensators ________________________________________________________________________ 81

Nedzelsky I.S. Static stability analysis of electric power systems at input of a single frequency

of its power network into a mathematical model of power system________________________________ 86

Blyumovich G.I. Determination of voltage non-sinusoidality coefficient of computers' power

supply systems _______________________________________________________________________ 91

Bortsov R.I., Solomchak O.V., Fedoriv M.I. Mathematical model of steady states analysis of
complex closed power networks with several basis nodes______________________________________


Pivnyak G.G., Shkrabets F.P. Double grounds in three-phase networks of 6 ... 35 kV with

insulated neutral_______________________________________________________________________ 102

Scientific and technical information

Novskiy V.A. Automatic balancing controller of three-phase voltage for four-conducting networks

with alternating unbalanced and non-linear loads_______________________________________________ 17